Chimney Safety

Before you enjoy the warm, cozy fun of your wood burning fireplace, be sure to make sure your chimney is safe.

The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety recommends chimneys get inspected at least once a year, and cleaned frequently.

At All Home Repairs, we make sure your safety is ready for your enjoyment. We remove the buildup of creosote, which significantly reduces the risk of chimney fires and make sure your chimney is free from other debris and structurally sound.

Chimney Maintenance

We look for damage to your chimney, bird’s nest, other obstructions, creosote and soot buildup. If you need a sweep, we can complete the job on the spot.

If you’ve made changes or are buying a new house, we will gladly inspect your chimney and inspect from top to bottom for escaping gases, damage, and other problems.

We are experienced in chimney repair and can rebuild the chimney walls and all other fixes.

Inspect and Insulate

Your chimney can become home to all kinds of animals like squirrels, chipmunks, or birds.

Even if you don’t use your fireplace it is important to make sure your chimney is not a home to others.

Sometimes the sealing damper is not functioning properly. This can result in heat loss. We can determine if this is a problem and fix it immediately.

Chimney caps prevent rain, snow, and other objects from finding their way into your chimney. Chimney caps have side vents to all venting so they are completely safe.

It is important to regularly inspect your chimney.

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Replacement of retaining wall.

Vince Vitelli – Paramus, NJ
The guys were great. Removed the old leaning retaining wall and replaced with new one. Good price. Easy to work with.

Repaired front steps and built new walkway.

Rhonda G – Fairlawn, NJ
Can't say enough about this crew. They were very polite and explained everything they needed to do. Saved me some money be repairing the steps instead of rebuilding, then added a nice new walkway that looks great. I would use again and recommend to others needing similar services.

Asphalt shingle roof done in one day.

John Icolari – Paramus, NJ
They worked quickly and left yard free of debris. Roof was finished in one day. Great job. Would highly recommend.

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